How to analyze whether a site was hung black chain attack

site was hung black chain attack, indicating that the site safety coefficient is low, generally for more bugs on site we often say that the BUG, or the site admin password is too simple to.

built in today’s Web site, usually using some open source CMS system, such as: PHPCMS system and DEDECMS system, imperial CMS system and so on, open source systems shall be in the website building is simple, convenient and fast, but if it is not good for the two time development, there will be a lot of BUG. Behind the site in the process of operation is likely to be some grey industry the attack site get in by every opening hung black chain.

two, click on the love of Shanghai snapshot closer analysis


as shown above, the site for a ASO optimization site, query command in the use of the chain to analyze, find a title for the "big 888" all preferential deposit] made 888 deposit, the Description also contains some and not related to the site of the key words such as: "XXX is the first professional real money slot machine game".

remember a site optimization in 2013 Yang Zi is the case, then the site is the use of a CMS set, a CMS of the system, for a non technical man was born, Yang Zi did not make any comment.



is in the analysis of website is black, can input box chain query command domain+ to search Shanghai love home URL, such as: domain:www.xxxx贵族宝贝 as shown below:




continues to pull down to the bottom, you will find a lot of gray industry anchor text, as shown below:


love Shanghai snapshot down after entering, you can see many such customers, a ASO web site there are so many irrelevant sexy beauty picture this is certainly a problem.

, judge whether a site was hung black chain


, a Shanghai love search box using the command: domain

Let’s talk about how to get the

like the front end of the anchor text is usually hidden is not displayed, only in the source code can be.

if there is enough to explain the above situation, the site has been attacked by some grey industry website invasion.

found in the above case, you can click on the love Shanghai snapshot closer analysis as shown below:

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