ndividual registrant wins CN domain name arbitration

personal registration CN domain name is not guaranteed? The answer is no.. It is reported that the recent controversy in the arbitration and commercial institutions, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center ruled that the Shanghai public Chen successfully kept his registered sptcc.cn domain name. The verdict of the case sent a clear signal: the legitimate registration of individual CN domain name is protected by law, any organization can not forcibly deprived of personal registration CN domain name.

it is understood that the complaint to the sptcc.cn domain name of the party for the Shanghai public transportation card Limited by Share Ltd, in 2002 the company registered sptcc.com domain build company website, and an excuse for the registration of Shanghai citizens Chen sptcc.cn domain name dispute lawsuit, and registered Chen CN domain name has been used for card collection, which belongs to the use of legitimate, legal. The experts believe that the Shanghai public transportation card Limited by Share Ltd without clear evidence of their legal exclusive right to enjoy sptcc, therefore rejected the request of the company, Mr. Chen has ruled that the legitimate rights of registered CN domain name.

With the expansion of CN domain name applications and the growth of Internet users in the application of CN domain name, more and more Internet users register CN domain name and apply it to various private areas. The issue of protecting the rights of individual registered CN domain names has been widely concerned.

in fact, the reporter learned that, like sptcc.cn, although this is a personal registration, but the success of the CN domain name is not a minority in arbitration. Just last year, Shenyang’s Yang Huiping to keep his registered cyberdream.com.cn; Shanghai’s Internet users Sherry also won the symbol.com.cn case arbitration, etc.. Many individuals registered has won, no doubt to many are ready to register or use the CN domain name of the netizens are eating a reassurance.

According to

Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission domain name dispute resolution center secretary general Li Hu said that in the CN domain name dispute arbitration, the main basis of the judgment is: whether the domain name and the complainant has the same name or confusion of the civil rights and interests or signs; domain name holders enjoy legitimate rights and interests as well as the respondent’s domain name is the three malicious use the rules of the domain name is registered, whether people generally do not become the ruling of the factors.

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