Jingdong acquired online banking online mall third party payment made big change

capital and the third party payment industry between the impact began to appear. "First Financial Daily" reporters before the Jingdong confirmed that the mall has completed the acquisition of third party payment companies, and Internet banking online payment platform in research and development; and corporate online banking online has become a Jingdong from Tian Zunjun mall CEO Liu Qiangdong.


. Third party payment companies chinapnr announced yesterday, former vice president of Jingdong mall group B soil month has officially joined as senior vice president in charge of the remittance world, corporate finance, strategic, legal, market, government affairs etc..

"third party payment industry pattern will change," a senior industry source said in an interview with this reporter, "when the network began to have their own payment companies, traditional payment company originally of cooperation in the future may be marginalized, so the company must pay to" how to create demand for payment."

payment license

reporter from the Beijing City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau website access to Internet banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "online banking") the legal representative has been changed to Liu Qiangdong, the company’s registered capital of 100 million 500 thousand yuan, is a limited liability company (Corporate owned).

central bank website, "online banking" is the first in May 3, 2011 for the central bank to pay the license is one of the enterprises, the approved business scope is the "currency exchange, Internet payment, mobile phone payment, telephone payment"; in June 26th this year, the company’s licence had a change of business scope to Internet payment (National) mobile phone payment, (National), fixed telephone payment (Nationwide), bank card acquiring (Beijing city) "," bank card acquiring a payment business license is valid after the change from June 27, 2012 to May 2, 2016, the legal representative for "Tian Zunjun".

according to the reporter, online banking has a long-term strategic partnership with more than and 80 financial institutions, including four major banks, UnionPay and nongxinyin, set up, opened more than and 300 bank settlement payment terminal interface, Internet, POS, mobile phone support, telephone and other online and offline, and bank card, card Telecom cards and other payment instruments.

"now Jingdong cash on delivery of the proportion of 70%~80%, the capital chain is too long, involved in the third party payment is mainly in order to shorten the chain of funds," the industry veteran told reporters, "the first step of the Jingdong is self built logistics to accelerate the collection efficiency, now they do pay the company to be able to return more clearly. Fast money, to realize the control of logistics and capital flow."

another third party payment company insiders told this reporter revealed that the acquisition of the acquisition of a license to pay the company’s electricity supplier more than one. For example, Sina, NetEase itself has its own payment platform to pay the new and NetEase treasure, for the mall, advertising, games and other transactions, but because the shares

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