V5SHOP electricity supplier industry great opportunities to study Shanghai UF senior Weibo

In twenty-first Century

, or electronic commerce, or no business can stop! Summer prospectors who seek partner’s footsteps, the morning of August 31st, general manager of UFIDA e-commerce division Du Yu line to Shanghai Weibo network cooperation study, explore on Haiweibo network in the electricity supplier services.

Shanghai Weibo network establishment has been 9 years, is one of the largest e-commerce outsourcing services and online system software provider China at present. Shanghai Weibo Software Co. Ltd and Shanghai Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Shanghai Weibo Byrne Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises of this large software and services company. Weibo network originally known for technology, and absorbed the Fudan University technical support, to maintain a leading level in the industry. In order to meet the demand of the market and users, as well as the needs of enterprise development, and expand the potential for TOP Weibo customers to provide e-commerce operations outsourcing (CBOTM mode), to provide integrated services from network construction to operation and maintenance for customers.


for Du total line coming into Shanghai, Weibo network president East, general manager Zhu Jianliang and other company leaders gave a warm reception. The development of electronic commerce for sincere exchanges, Weibo Agel Ecommerce Ltd Liu Weibo business operations as the manipulator, and to all the way to the guests on the Weibo electronic commerce operation business process.


Du Zong said that contains excellent technical support and innovative business ideas and sincere service concept of e-commerce outsourcing service Weibo, and the whole business process is quite standard, can make the customer feel more secure.


E-commerce outsourcing services

Shanghai Weibo very thoughtful. From the customer manager and the customer to sign the order to the director of the distribution of the project, and then experienced the project director of the three audit, the final determination of the operational plan to put into operation, to bring customers a high quality of operational services.

except for the maintenance of customer shop operators, Weibo also for the manufacturers to provide the distribution as the main features of business services. This year Weibo its nearly 45 million independent shop customer resources and over the years as the core of Shanghai Byrne Information Technology Co. Ltd. enterprise nearly ten thousand enterprises to provide extension services operations experience and the accumulation of its import, by the latter into the heavyweight network distribution platform "E district".


can create "Weibo independent enterprise e-commerce platform + Taobao + shop and three party distribution network" business model for customers through the E business district, help traditional enterprises quickly establish their own platforms, Taobao shops and network distribution channels. The E have good service, Weibo can make partners out of B>

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