Taobao is also a small seller for registration activities should look at this

many small sellers have such psychological: the store did not flow, promotion costs are high, so I want to find a variety of activities to do registration activities. But then, and do not know what is really effective and suitable for their own newspaper, do not know what the specific activities of some rules and skills. And often visited the Taobao forum, Taobao background, as well as through Baidu search, Taobao Encyclopedia of events and the like, and finally found that really can not report a few.


new store to open a small seller Taobao activity mentality is forced

, however, can not be reconciled, always feel that there is nothing particularly good activity, was not found, afraid of missing a good opportunity. This mentality, I believe most people will have, I am sure. Why do I make sure that most people have such a mentality, because there are also small series


had to spit out here, the vast amount of information on the Internet to bring convenience to learn and query information, but also to everyone too much confusion. Why confused? Not because the information is too little, but too much!

Internet is a good thing, but also a rich garbage place. A variety of spam messages interfere with everyone’s information, so many people lost their way. For example, you search a variety of network promotion methods, the method will be massive, you search out outdated, not suitable for you, repetitive, bragging, irresponsible and so on, finally let you out, you see a lot of feeling, learned a lot, and feel what did you learn. There is not a feeling? It is because you know too much!

well, with these, let us look at some topics about Taobao activity. You to the network search, a lot of small, just search a bit, actually there are gold coins, even super Mic king the words are also listed as one of the best sellers of Taobao! As a novice you, know that these activities, was a long time ago? Gold coins have been merged and the original VIP, now already is not the general application system, small sellers play super, that is to become the Mic king, fossils, Taobao would have to cancel the event, but also its news arena.

you do not know, now Taobao activities are increasingly updated, not only often have new activities, each activity rules often change. At the same time, there are old recession activities continue to be canceled by Taobao, has gone forever.

at the beginning of this kind of psychological, if it is to say that you, then please do not tangle in this, do not move to search any activities". That is a pit, you will only be a waste of energy and time, and ultimately lead to you more confused, inefficient. You don’t want to think, Taobao more and more sellers today, if it is really what is generally accepted, the effect is good, for example, Juhuasuan and other special offer every day, you are already where what > for having heard it many times.

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