The United States VS vip com Chinese two flash taker commander NYSE

lead: listed on the NYSE, the opening price of $27.55, $22 higher than the issue price rose 25%., which is in the same capital pool as early as 2012, what are the two competing?


tonight, Chen Ou went to the U.S. New York Stock Exchange to speak for themselves around the world. He founded, one of the main cosmetics flash sales business website in 2010. A short period of 4 years, 2013 active users reached 10 million 500 thousand people, the total revenue of $483 million, the share of online beauty market of more than 20% orders, 35 million 960 thousand, repeat purchase rate of 88.9%, the valuation of about $3 billion…… Some beautiful figures in the earnings report for the United States to join the United States added color.

it’s similar website early in 2012 on the market, listed on the NYSE and the location of IPO, then the issue price of $6.5, the highest price reached 180 US dollars, 2 year cumulative increase of 2700%! Become takes stock market, market capitalization of $about 8000000000, after the Tencent, Baidu, Qihoo 360.

yesterday, released the first quarter of this year’s earnings, total net revenue grew 125.9%, net profit grew by 355.3%, which is’s profit for the fourth consecutive quarter. Prior to the acquisition of Le bee network, has not become a drag on performance. is a direct competitor to, the only product after joining the contributed nearly 5% of the revenue has also brought 1 million active users. Of particular concern is a data: shares Le bee network, the first quarter of this year, the amount of $167 million cosmetic transactions, poly beauty is $271 million. and is also the flash purchase electricity supplier website, approximate model and category, also are listed on the nyse. In the same pool of capital, the two take what to compete?

below, the gem state of the two sites in 2013 compared to the year’s important financial data:

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