Samsung teamed up with Jingdong to create a new consumer concept


S6 shocked the market, the pursuit of fashion girl guy who have heart, why not fast action! Can be managed to drum up the wallet, watch and well, like work not completed, the following.

do not worry, the domestic electricity supplier giant Jingdong has long been considered for everyone. Jingdong and Samsung cooperate with ious for sale by Jingdong ious payments can be divided into 3 to 24 interest free loans enjoy 0 yuan purchase, free service fee for the maximum discount of 802 yuan stage; — although we now have money do not want money, but heaven can’t pick up the money?

this is not the first time the Jingdong IOUS and electronics giant enterprise cooperation, in these years the popular mobile phone, whether it is the kidney 6 and NOTE4 "to the style of" high-end burn type mobile phone or HUAWEI P7, Lenovo NOTE8 the domestic big, or charm blue, Shakespeare Z9 such a dark horse. In the Jingdong, within the scope of cooperation can be described as white, "wiped out".

brand and Jingdong who are willing to cooperate, this is a win-win cooperation model. On the one hand, the brand with the help of one of the largest electricity supplier company Jingdong platform, can better promote the brand; on the other hand, the Jingdong can also bring more excellent electronic products for their users; of course, the most direct benefits to the Jingdong or the user’s purchase products through Jingdong ious, the money saved, but real


Jingdong is white electricity supplier giant Jingdong launched credit services, like credit cards, can be consumer after the first payment. And the credit card is not the same, the Jingdong for more rapid IOUs, the costs incurred during the lower, the fastest as long as 1 minutes to fix all the credit process.

Jingdong is a product of IOUS big data and the internet. In the Internet era, data has become an important resource, as one of the largest electricity supplier companies, Jingdong with huge data of gold. Make full use of this gold mine, the Jingdong can be faster to the consumer credit, according to the consumer in the past on the consumption of Jingdong, can quickly determine the customer’s consumption and credit, more customers to use the Jingdong IOUs, the credit amount will be higher.

Jingdong IOUS is another major breakthrough in the Internet financial giant Jingdong, Jingdong and small Treasuries together, creating a new consumer and financial model for consumers. On the one hand, consumers can through the Jingdong IOUs, in advance to enjoy high value products (such as S6), on the other hand, they can put their coins in the coffers of Jingdong financial management, access to financial income, both overlay, is added folding folding.

"Internet plus" era, the Jingdong Jingdong tailored to the user IOUs, not only can enhance the core competitiveness of the Jingdong, can stimulate the large consumer, credit mode innovation, credit evaluation standard is more innovative, even the fees are far lower than the similar products in the industry. Consumers heart of the world, more and more "white" will undoubtedly promote Beijing.

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