Kuxun ticket fraud door 30 people to get Rights Fund

for ticket agents "Jingdong ticket network" (by Beijing highhui longfu Aviation Services Limited operation) in cruel dispatch travel network platform on suspicion of fraud after he fled with money, net of cruel dispatch travel emergency set up a free consumer rights fund "to deal with. It is understood that the fund is currently being actively play a role, there have been hundreds of victims of consumers completed to submit the relevant application materials, and more than and 30 people have taken the lead through audit to get the funds, other affected consumer data is being issued in the verification and.

ticket generation fled, consumers are affected by the loss of

Miss Zhao

, who lives in Shanghai this year, during the National Day holiday in the free online search to the Jingdong ticket network, see Jingdong nets ticket price is reasonable, will buy two tickets starting from Shanghai and from Xi’an, a total amount of 5232 yuan. After the encounter on the ticket network malicious refund event.

"after the incident, we call the Jingdong emergency ticket network customer service phone, when the customer service staff said that due to system problems let us re purchase, etc. after work again give us an answer. When the No. 8 in the morning, we again by telephone Jingdong ticket network again when she can not contact, then we through the news media reported that his money has been swept away the malicious agents." Miss Zhao told reporters, "now as a platform, travelling is willing to pay to help the victims compensation for economic losses, when 5232 yuan ticket money from kuxun into my account, the first day I suffered fraud even to the impatient mood calmed down a bit, but I will continue the rights to Beijing highhui longfu aviation service limited."

fraud process sequence of events

according to the reporter, travelling as an online travel new media, the integration of a large number of small and medium-sized internet ticket agents. Because of the small and medium-sized OTA offer different, as the parity platform, travelling can help consumers find the cheapest and most appropriate ticket. Cool News Travel CEO Zhang Haijun said, travelling as online travel media professional, can undertake strict business registration, Chinese IATA airline ticket agent qualification and a series of other qualifications of the legal effectiveness of the audit of all ticket agents, in order to ensure all ticket agents travelling online are legitimate suppliers, reduce transaction risk from the beginning the user’s point of view for the protection of consumers to protect the security of transactions, consumers purchase tickets online security.

consumer fraud Beijing highhui longfu Aviation Services Limited, and kuxun cooperation has a long period of time, has a complete industrial and commercial air transport association qualification and qualification, the administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau qualification and China Air Transport Association qualification information were 110108008048039 and HB52263.

civil aviation sector in order to consumers can quickly and easily buy tickets, often do not require consumers to face the civil aviation ticketing department, as long as the consumer to the ticket agent to provide identity information >

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