CN easy to remember ten years gradually favored

nothing is more powerful than the power of habit, which is the famous poet Ovid of ancient Rome. Use this sentence to describe today’s domain name competition is very appropriate. Just ten years, in the country, the national registration of the domain name.CN on the rise from 2000 to 5 million 300 thousand, more than the COM international domain name registration in the country. The country’s 137 million Internet users, the average of every 25 people have a CN domain name.

.CN (China)

CN domain name registration reached 5 million 300 thousand.

20 mainstream industries of 80% companies using CN domain name.

.UK (UK)

72% adult online browsing and shopping will be the first visit to.UK.

.DE (Germany)

even the corner shop has a.DE domain name.

train users to use their own national top-level domain habits, not only can the convenience of users, enhance security, can grasp the initiative in the competition with developed countries in the world, this is the original intention of the domain name registration authority CN.

CN easy to remember domain name gradually favored

ten national outstanding youth, the people’s Daily reporter Zhao Yahui recently organized the "Chongzou Chinese northwest corner, a lot of people to visit his blog to participate in the matter, but before his blog address belongs to the COM domain, and difficult to remember, so inadvertently put a lot of interested participants in the door. After his blog address is, easy to remember the domain name to help Zhao Yahui to attract a lot of visitors.

it is reported that the domestic famous mail service provider 263 companies have also launched a CN domain name related to personalized e-mail service. The user can register the suffix for their own name.CN type mailbox. So, a lot of memory is not good friends can successfully communicate with you. In accordance with the vision of the mail service providers, the future of the people do not have to ask each other e-mail mail address, just need to ask the name of the letter can be successfully sent.

now, a lot of MSN users are also using their own personalized CN domain name registration. Each other in the application to add you as a friend, you simply need to enter your name.

Chinese domain name system for the use of Chinese people do not change their habits in the premise of the Chinese language to access the resources on the Internet provides a convenient. At present, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), including a number of research and service institutions are for the popularization of Chinese domain name.

can be said that the CN domain name is the Chinese concept on the internet. After China’s accession to the WTO, with the CN domain name can make Chinese enterprises to better international, can also make foreign enterprises to better integrate into china. Chinese companies have CN domain names, but

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