This package is wrapped around the software is only a few people understand

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, with 200 thousand professional rookie courier service open Crowdsourcing news set off a great disturbance, many industry insiders predict, backed by Ali rookie wrapped future will not stop at "collection" Crowdsourcing, China logistics industry will usher in the biggest Crowdsourcing giant.

rookie with a professional courier played crowdsourcing

It is reported that

, the rookie network before announcing the start of "professional football pieces Crowdsourcing plan", there are 6 courier companies and rookie cooperation, make their own courier registration wrapped, join the Crowdsourcing plan.

wrapped APP consumers through rookie orders, the system will be based positioning system will be pushed to the order near the courier, the courier to grab a single site in 2 hours after embrace parts, if the demand can increase in emergency orders 2 yuan, while the courier guarantee within 30 minutes of pick-up; when consumers in the information page fill in the recipient address, automatically determine the scope of the mailing fee system (the first weight and the added weight) rules, cost by rookie wrapped and participate in the courier company set.


wrapped APP crowdsourcing send a single page screenshot (home – Courier)

rookie said, the first to join the courier totaling about 200 thousand, the follow-up will be more professional courier companies to join.

now, the last mile of the bag is gradually out of the water test stage, the early emergence of the platform in the development process or continue to improve the differences in the advantages, or the beginning of transition.

everyone courier from direct access to the city to buy more slowly, said the hope for the future to reach everyone sales status; adhere to the city to send flash direct speed experience, and constantly expand the coverage to enhance service quality to flash; dada became the last mile of the first food delivery team, began to self ordering platform the introduction of business……

and rookie do crowdsourcing, compared with the above third party there are three advantages:

(1) orders both, only changed the single way;

(2) the introduction of the courier itself to receive send the main industry, low cost of training;

(3) express from the courier company has a brand endorsement, consumers are easy to accept;

(4) and co courier company at a reasonable price with a unified pricing, does not involve non-standard service pricing.


wrapped, this is almost a successful sale". Rookie and other third parties all packages, Crowdsourcing sent not wrapped profitable business, it is only as a platform to provide services to the entrance, which increased the APP wrapped consumer services, and help express drainage, improves the efficiency of the courier receipt.

to participate in the project courier company responsible person told billion state power network, the courier to send pieces and is operated separately, then every day will be sent to the country. "

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