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Wang Dong believes that the business platform to win, must figure out the traditional steel industry chain inefficient "pain points", become the biggest entrance industry segments. Similar to other industries, iron and steel electricity supplier, will eventually be forced upstream from the upstream production enterprises to carry out structural adjustment or even upgrade.

reporter Jin Yingshu Shanghai reported

2015, the steel industry ushered in the 2008 financial crisis since the most critical moment, overcapacity, downward price, small profits, bank loan, environmental forced, deep-seated problems of trade friction appear one after another.

is not only small and medium-sized steel mills, even large state-owned steel enterprises are forced to limit production heavy attrition. According to the China Steel Association statistics, the first half of this year, the national medium-sized steel enterprises realized sales income of 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, down 17.9%. Although the total profit of 1 billion 640 million yuan, but its main business losses of 21 billion 680 million yuan, increased loss of 16 billion 768 million yuan; the number of loss making enterprises accounted for 42.6%, accounted for 36.8% of the yield losses of enterprises.

iron and steel industry how to resolve excess capacity, how to achieve the transformation and upgrading, change the big but not strong, the status quo, which has become a common problem facing the industry.

iron and steel electricity supplier, may be able to produce 8 tons of traditional iron and steel industry to find a new way out and hope.

solve the steel trade pain points

behind the plight of the loss of steel prices, the traditional steel production, trade patterns can not keep up with the reality of the development of the times. In early 2012, looking for a number of iron and steel network electricity supplier came into being. According to the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute of iron and steel electricity supplier data center, from 1 to June this year, the national steel electricity supplier platform steel turnover reached 62 million 590 thousand tons, turnover of $165 billion, registered users of 648 thousand. The steel business encountered Internet plus and B2B business outlet, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain blossom everywhere, there are statistics, as of June this year, the national total has more than 300 steel.

as the steel industry in the first electronic business platform, looking for steel network has been to change the trade pattern of the steel industry chain, the transformation of the steel industry to help the mission. Entrepreneurship has been more than 3 years, looking for steel net has been the 4 round of financing, in 2014 to find the steel network to complete the transaction volume of 20 million 420 thousand tons. Up to now, looking for steel online travel direct cooperation has reached more than and 90 steel mills, active buyers of corporate members up to 4.

According to the statistical data of

steel provided by the year 1 to August, the total online steel trading volume of 19 million 529 thousand tons, an increase of 140.95% compared with the same period last year, ranked first tier domestic steel business platform leader. Only a month in August, looking for proprietary trading on the steel platform to reach 849 thousand and 300 tons, matching transaction 212.1>

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