Tmall update investment rules to relax the brand transfer requirements

news May 13th, according billion state power network understanding, the day before, Tmall adjusted the category 2016 investment criteria. Tmall said the move is in order to adapt to the development of the platform and enhance consumer confidence and satisfaction.

According to

billion state power network to understand, this adjustment relates to clothing, shoes and bags, outdoor sports, jewelry, cosmetics, home decoration, furniture, home textiles, service categories (decoration design / construction / supervision), and other automotive accessories category.


the main rule requires the establishment of the company set up shop category time for two years and above, and the application in brand to meet the transfer did not occur within two years of the conditions. Tmall reduced the number of years to set up shop requirements, but also release the brand transfer hole".

analysts believe that the Tmall investment policy adjustment revealed the signal to expand the relevant categories of businesses scale, more open, Tmall intends to enter businesses according to Tmall investment began to apply for the qualification requirements.

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