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fresh electricity supplier as the electricity supplier industry hardest to gnaw a bone, but also the last piece of blue ocean. Currently the market is divided into three camps. One is the platform electricity supplier to Tmall, as the representative of the Jingdong; one is the preferred as representative comprehensive food business; and those who have been living network such as vertical electricity supplier of fresh food. In the "double eleven" period, the fresh field of participants also have a "running out of time".

in the double eleven period, and in previous years, a distinct difference is fresh in the big platform has become an independent category, including Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms are open to the electricity supplier for the promotion of branch field. Before fresh but just a small classification of food below. This means that the fresh electricity supplier after several years of market cultivation and baptism, the degree of consumer acceptance is increasingly high, which also makes the platform electricity supplier began to invest resources and capital to the field force.

in addition, there is a significant change is that the major platform for the promotion of electricity suppliers in the venue, the sale of fresh goods basically imported. This may be out of two aspects, this is because of the high price of imported fresh, easy to produce higher profits, another reason may be more in line with the people to buy fresh products source power, people might want to get a higher quality of fresh commodities.

in the double eleven "great", a comprehensive electricity supplier of food also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. Take the SF preferred, take a higher promotional efforts in the double eleven period. However, with the big platform electricity supplier promotional coupons different, it is the use of full discount concessions, but most of the fresh goods sold or imported fresh. With a larger platform and comprehensive food supplier, vertical fresh business platform in the double eleven running is relatively low-key. As originally life network, Tootoo vertical fresh, perhaps in order to avoid the double eleven logistics peak, in a web page does not reflect the large-scale promotional activities, but in the early eleven’s double do some scattered promotional activities.

short, from the double eleven "great" situation, fresh electricity had indeed entered an impending stage, which not only has the platform of people carry firewood ", but also fueled a comprehensive business, more vertical fresh quietly cultivation, which also makes the fresh electricity supplier in the" double eleven "during the running has become a focus of the industry.

, however, for the fresh market is still in the stage of cultivation of the vertical industry, a double eleven promotion war still has its positive significance. For fresh electronic business platform, said, not only to enhance the acceptability of users and get some new customers, the most important thing is to promote further market maturity. However, before solving the following three fundamental problems thoroughly, still hardly broke out.

1, cold chain capacity: fresh market outbreak is the most critical part of the

it is understood that the cold chain logistics in China is just emerging, currently only includes the SF cold operation, rookie logistics, a few.

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