help you to the novice buyers nineteen online shopping

a good use of search engines to learn more information.

fancy a satisfactory product, may wish to write down the name and specifications of the model, the search engine on the major search, you will often have unexpected findings.

two, the goods should be carefully compared.

can be identified in comparison. Select a variety of similar goods for comparison, you can make a more detailed understanding of the characteristics and functions of the product, it is important that you can choose from the seller you believe in further consultation.

three, look at the description, the seller refused to word games.

good honest sellers will usually sell their own goods to do a detailed description. The performance indicators, specifications, the use of time, etc.. Encountered ambiguous word meaning, we must ask the seller to clear. Some bad sellers play word games, such as "authentic" and "genuine", if the buyer does not receive the goods in advance careful inquiry, etc. it is fake to complain, they didn’t say himself does not sell fakes, but that it is genuine and non defective.

four, the seller’s praise rate is not the only credit standards.

newly registered members, but in a short time to get a lot of praise. In this case we need to be careful for yourself. Seller’s credit rating is only a reference. Take a closer look at other people’s evaluation of the seller. Not only praise, to look at the poor seller, look at the seller to explain the poor, further analysis of the seller’s business attitude and.

What to do before, buy


as a buyer, prior to the purchase of goods to understand the performance indicators, specifications. If you do not know the goods before shopping, be sure to ask more questions.

six, before buying to ask, and more to communicate with the seller.

have any questions as far as possible to communicate with the seller. To avoid unnecessary losses. General sellers do not like to take the goods and then ask a lot of questions and bargaining, in particular, do not buy shot. Here the first time buyers must pay attention to the purchase of a commodity, in addition to understand the goods themselves, it is more important to understand the seller himself. One person doing business attitude is revealed in between the lines.

seven, do not covet petty.

too many commodity prices lower than the market price, often is a hoax. Prior to the purchase price of the goods to be purchased in mind, do not covet a small cheap and lead to regret.

eight, to see the postage.

commodity price + postage = total amount you will have to pay. So we must see clearly, the postage is 5 yuan, or 10 yuan or more. Usually the small things postage in 5 yuan is reasonable. To advance communication with the seller before buying, because the relationship between regional and the postage usually standard price is different.


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