Used car electric car manufacturers do not need to make money to expand new profit point

days ago, Chinese Automobile Dealers Association in the monthly analysis on published data, in August this year, the second-hand car trading volume was 6 million 101 thousand, an increase of 5.5%.

with the second-hand car trading volume reached a certain scale, the Internet Co for the second-hand car electricity providers began to snatch crazy. During the recent national holiday, second-hand car business of game player excellent letter of second-hand car, spend 30 million yuan in TV program "The Voice of China", as the program "s advertising".

this big industry There were many discussions. According to the seeds of second-hand car responsible person said, with the second-hand car market will usher in the high growth in the past two years, there may be a "winner take all" situation, this is also expected to become an important reason for the second-hand car electricity intensive promotion of the brand.

however, one side is a second-hand car electricity supplier for the market to conduct a large amount of air to promote investment, on the other hand, the second-hand car electricity supplier has yet to get out of the plight of profitability – only the transaction commission is difficult to achieve profitability. Although the second-hand car electricity supplier has been auto finance, auto insurance, and even after-sales service, such as profit mining points, but before the platform trading volume takes shape, the second-hand car electricity supplier is still struggling to open up profit growth points.

used car electricity supplier scramble car source

this year and next year there will be a large number of car sources to the used car market." Deputy Secretary General of China automobile association long Shen Rong to the "daily economic news" reporter said, "this can solve the most important issue of second-hand car market, car source is insufficient, so the market activity is expected to greatly increase."

, according to Shen Rong, at present, the domestic car second-hand car circulation average age is 6 years, as China’s new car sales peak in 2009, when the new car sales rose 46.2% to 13 million 645 thousand vehicles in the next few years, domestic car sales are also located in high. These cars will reach 6 years old this year, to accelerate the elimination and access to the used car market."

Shen Rong to the daily economic news reporter, said the introduction of the competition between second-hand car business, basically the source of competition."

is based on this judgment, excellent letter, the car is easy to shoot, the seeds of second-hand car, a good car safely, large search vehicles many second-hand car business also began to accelerate market expansion in recent months, hoping to attract car source settled by brand. "We think it’s time to put in a lot of advertising." Ucredit second-hand car CEO Dai Kun told the "daily economic news" reporter, for the second-hand car electricity supplier that previously consumers more unfamiliar areas, "small advertising is difficult to play a role, which is why we did not vote in advertising (reasons)."

has such excellent letter judgment more than second-hand car, joint CEO Yang Haoyong told the "daily economic news" reporter, second-hand car business market under the platform of seeds of second-hand car, will be in this year next year to invest about 1 billion yuan advertising costs. "We have to deal with used cars first."

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