Giants play Taobao wireless deformation and dive

2013, wireless Taobao traffic strong growth, the characteristics of the user sink has been further highlighted. Three or four line city market position and day by day.

user sink

is expected by the end of this year, the average daily number of mobile phone Taobao UV will be billions of dollars. This is the Taobao wireless marketing director Lu Zhongtao to the "world network operators · managers" reporters of data, corresponding, 2012 Taobao Alipay UV wireless reach peak trading day 940 million yuan is 64 million 850 thousand, and the peak value of "double eleven" created by.

strong growth in traffic at the same time, the characteristics of the user sink further highlights.


wireless 2012 annual electronic commerce data report" mentioned, although the absolute number of users, the number of users in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other first-tier cities is much higher than other areas, but in 2012 three or four city user growth rate is faster than a second tier city. The average growth rate of four cities, up to 203%, while the lowest tier cities in the first 146%. Puyang and Tongren became the three or four line of the city’s largest increase in the number of users, the growth rate reached 281% and 286%.

at the same time, a second tier cities users in 2012 has shown a strong purchasing power. According to reports, the city’s per capita purchasing power of wireless Internet users ranked in, the highest annual average per capita mobile shopping users in Zhoushan, reaching 1721 yuan. Shanghai and Guiyang ranked two or three. Linzhi, Tibet and Lhasa, the average purchasing power of all the top ten, mobile consumer strength.

2013 data has not yet been counted, but Lu Zhongtao felt the three or four lines of new users in the market in the presence of a strong sense of Taobao. In this part of the user, the rise of young people under 25 years of age is particularly evident. Lu Zhongtao told the "world network manager" · reporter, this year, the user of Taobao has a downward trend of wireless channel promotion effect.

is different from the past users of Taobao, the three or four line of the city as the representative of the crowd, the choice of Taobao’s first visit to the phone. In addition, a second tier cities, there are some people who do not use the computer on Taobao, Taobao mobile phone to do more frequent access and purchase. These new members of the wireless Taobao to join, to further stimulate the wireless Taobao users more personalized, more levels of demand. Capture and meet these needs of the process, but also the process of wireless Taobao deformation.

deformation of micro scouring

2012, the wireless team at a joint meeting to determine the concept of deformation, proposed to reconstruct the human centric mobile life circle. From the idea to the realization of the product represented by micro Amoy, has experienced about 10 months time.

prior to this, the wireless team followed the platform relay, copying Taobao, Taobao wireless path. With the deformation >

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