When Jingdong listed Tmall listed first than Jingdong

Jingdong mall has been the beginning of the heat transfer company to start the listing plan, but has been no progress. Recently, Jingdong mall was originally scheduled for the three quarter of this year, once again frustrated IPO plan, taking into account the weak global reality, has decided to postpone the listing plan to the first half of 2013.

Jingdong listed repeatedly frustrated why


one of the reasons for low valuation

analysts said that if Jingdong eager to market in the existing market environment, the size of IPO may be halved. IPO postponed the main reason for the uncertainty of the market this year, as well as the current capital market valuation of China’s electricity supplier lower. Prior to the meeting of analysts in Hongkong, there are investment bankers believe that the highest valuation of $6 billion in Jingdong, but this is far from the intention of Jingdong, Jingdong believes that its valuation of more than $10 billion.

Two electricity supplier price war:

Jingdong IPO before the routine check

Fierce competition in the

e-commerce market, the price war continues, 5 home appliance supplier including Gome online mall, dangdang.com, Tmall mall, suning.com, Jingdong, the mall price war by industry analysts called "Jingdong IPO before the routine check. For the overall market environment, the Jingdong mall listing plan had to be delayed.

at the beginning of May, Tmall mall dished out 200 million yuan subsidies to businesses to cut prices. Activities will continue from May to August. Analysis of the industry Tmall move intended to disrupt the listing process of Jingdong mall. Subsequently, Jingdong mall promised in May and June, will come up with 500 million yuan to promote home appliances.

industry analysts said: Jingdong still expect to get a beautiful sales figures and the industry leader in the name before the listing, Tmall is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to the Jingdong. As Jingdong’s biggest rival, Tmall will not give up the first chance. From the platform model, Jingdong is mainly independent procurement with an open platform B2C mode, while Tmall is only a platform for the B2B2C model. From this it can be seen, and now the domestic electricity supplier is still in the primary stage for market share, of course, including the opportunity to seize the IPO.

Tmall ahead of the listing of Jingdong


January, Taobao changed its name Tmall, the industry speculated that this is a separate listing of Taobao mall paving. Analysts believe that Tmall, a scouring network, the most likely to be listed Tmall, because Tmall, like department stores, the higher the quality.

recently, the Alibaba will be officially delisted. For Alibaba network delisting, users have said, want to see the overall listing of Alibaba group. If Tmall can be listed before the listing of Jingdong mall, will stabilize its leading position in the B2C."

Ma had said, Alibaba 5 years or the overall market, does not rule out Tmall will catch up before the listing of Jingdong."

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