Taobao began remediation illegal health products

today, Taobao said in the official micro-blog, they have been carried out to regulate the weight loss of health care products special action on the violation of health food products will not tolerate.

in the operation, has been under the framework of "vegetation P57 pills", "flash fiber Tang slimming capsules", "Li source slimming capsule, four illegal slimming health products, health care products and according to the complaints of" Easy Access "is being built.

its announcement reads as follows:

[we are in action: Taobao launched a special action to regulate weight loss health care products] we noticed that the media reported that the seller through the sale of illegal contraband weight loss of health care products Taobao. Since its inception, Taobao has been online shopping security and ease of life as a platform. For media coverage of the problem, we attach great importance to the immediate launch of the special action for the treatment of weight loss health care products, and will properly handle the aftermarket problem.

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