Rookie force cross border logistics scouring the sea wrapped fastest 1 days


] April 23rd news billion state power network, billion state power network has learned, revealed in the global package Union summit rookie network vice president Wan Lin before the cross-border logistics system is to build the rookie network last year, rapid prototyping, has established a global coverage of 5 continents overseas warehouse network and air route resources, sea Amoy parcels the fastest 1-3 days can be sent to the hands of consumers.

figure for rookie network Icon

wunglin revealed that at present the collaborative rookie logistics resources globalization full link can do goods through more than and 220 countries and regions.

on the import side, rookie has opened up the bonded goods, direct mail, set three modes, and the opening of China, Germany, Australia, Japan and South Korea imported 5 line, also in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Ningbo city set up 3 bonded warehouse.

in the last month, rookie network also launched international routes and tact, open up the domestic – Northeast Asia (South Korea), cross-border express channels in Hongkong and Mainland China, the domestic part of the region has to achieve the next day.

in addition, also rookie cooperation with tact to realize Taiwan direct delivery service, and in the post in the framework of strategic cooperation, launched an online mail and parcel, registration packet and other logistics products.

in Russia, Singapore, Finland and other countries, rookie also with local partners for data docking, to achieve the simultaneous flow of logistics information, and try to develop products for Chinese users.

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