Vanke but also in the auction house on Taobao this ad is very cool ah

but for a new pattern to attract the eye, gimmick meaning greater than the sales results

selling cars, selling land, selling island…… In the universal Taobao play more and more big, but also attracted other giants in the field. December 3rd, Vanke and Taobao announced a strategic cooperation in the two 12 this year, in the Taobao auction auction platform Vanke’s two hundred listings.

these listings have been settled by Taobao Vanke East China brand museum. Although the so-called "5 fold shoot, the lowest starting price of only 120 thousand yuan, but according to the current release of the price, the starting price of the average market price of about thirty percent off in housing. Coupled with the increase in the auction process, the final transaction price may not be able to account for how much cheaper.

in fact, Vanke in 2012 opened a shop on Taobao, had also worked many times, such as last year’s launch of the bill to limit the balance of treasure buyers and other activities.

Vanke East China brand Museum page screenshot

, however, not so much this is the Vanke opened shop, it is better to say that Vanke in Taobao free rent advertising. This "East China Vanke brand hall" there is no house to sell, the above is "XX real estate appointment showings this 1 penny goods, details page is all real estate Vanke grandiose dielectric (Guang) Shaoxing (GAO), the user can make an appointment here showings and limited consultation.

for Vanke, Taobao shop is just more than a display platform, the purpose is to line drainage. This year 11 Vanke also made the promotion, the official release of the data store views up to 800 thousand times, turnover of more than and 800 (single line refers to the "1 Penny appointment showings volume), visit the 652 groups, the amount of sales reach is 150 million.

Vanke will auction listings in the 12

as for the transfer to the auction platform, but also for a new pattern to attract the eye, gimmick meaning greater than sales.

participate in the auction houses including Vanke 20 projects in the areas of eastern China, mostly just need real estate, such as the Beichen light, in total about 1 million 500 thousand yuan each, the propaganda is also called "Hangzhou youth home to meet". Presumably Vanke also know, will look at the house on Taobao, only those who are relatively large hole. That’s why they want to target customers from Taobao users.

one day to see Vanke on the Juhuasuan, do not be too surprised oh pro.

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