Cross border export electricity supplier can do so to the establishment of the American Chamber of C


today and the United States, Nevada, a familiar with China and the United States business environment, legal and tax aspects of a friend on the phone, talked to the current domestic popular cross-border electricity supplier industry.

recently in the electricity supplier circle and the capital circle, one of the more popular topic is Ali crisis. Add that this crisis has set off huge waves in the capital market, is the source of Western China and different business rules of the game. Just like the original eBay acquisition of eBay into Chinese, want to do Chinese electricity market for U.S. business operation, but Taobao’s China mode beat, now, Ali China want to use customary capital market ideas in the United States will have great difficulty summon wind and call for rain.

now cross-border export B2C industry, many practitioners have followed the domestic Taobao, Tmall model, Ali Department of fast selling through the introduction of a variety of tools to encourage Taobao Tmall sellers do cross-border retail exports. The core of this model is: low price + buy traffic.

business is not just about price and exposure, there are many other factors. Especially for long term business, first of all should put the integrity and brand in the first place.

has been so old that, although Ali advocated the successful business model in the Chinese special business environment has achieved great success, but the copy to the export of cross-border B2C, does not necessarily go. Overseas markets, there is no good price and exposure, will not succeed; but with good prices and exposure, not necessarily successful, but also the legal, intellectual property rights, policy, culture and other factors.


cross-border B2C familiar with our past B2B based trading mode is the largest, B2C is a direct overseas retail market, in the face of terminal customers; while B2B customers are faced with the middlemen, importers and chain stores – buyers. In the B2B mode, there is a buffer between the exporter and the final consumer, while the B2C model exposes the Chinese supplier to the overseas consumers. To do a good job B2C, cross-border export electricity supplier practitioners in addition to doing a good job of products, do a good job in the market, but also must find ways to protect their own rights in the target market.

on how to protect the export of cross-border electricity supplier in the target market of the right, the friend asked a way of value, namely: from the mode of operation of the American Chamber of Commerce, the domestic export of cross-border electricity supplier in the target market to set up the local chamber of Commerce to carry out business activities.

comparison of Chinese and American Chambers of Commerce: the impact is far more than the government

talking about the chamber of Commerce or industry associations, we are very familiar with the chamber of Commerce in various regions to promote the development of all walks of life made a very important contribution. But at the same time, many trade associations tend to give people a taste of the government, and close to the government, and even regard him as the mouthpiece of the government, member of the chamber of the rich that is expensive, most of the members from large enterprises, state-owned enterprises, small and medium enterprises and private enterprises rarely. Most of the members of the chamber of commerce are the same

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