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what is the soft soft? Relative to the mandatory advertising, Baidu encyclopedia definition "is an expression of soft, not rigidly adhere to the form of words", the highest state is soft advertising write advertisement. Soft Wen for a long time, not the Internet era of patents, early news broadcasts, newspapers and magazines have been skilled application. After 2000, the Internet has not been like a few days so developed before the unit personnel in-depth business newspaper sponsorship, funding is not uncommon in the soft exchange. Today, this phenomenon is still widespread, in the editorial department of some local media, the reporter through the soft Wen sponsorship Commission is very common. Many companies also enjoy their success, and even a welcoming attitude, after all, who do not want to do a good job with the media, it is only the advent of the Internet era, so that the spread of soft Wen to be more widely used in depth.

advantage: low cost network marketing booster

do not know how many companies are tired of marketing, especially small and medium enterprises, because large enterprises have a brand resources, and small companies do not. Now, millet mobile phone hot in a complete mess, although out of the "millet mobile phone is no shortage, lack of people!" advertising, but for a time the capital "m" expensive has become a reality. Pay attention to the person who finds the millet, almost no investment what ads in the marketing campaign, but the news topic is millet Putian cover, even on the front page of the "Beijing daily". No its people first heard the sound, regardless of using what kind of marketing, brand promotion do so far, we have to admire Lei Jun is a strong man. In fact, not only the success of millet, apple, Google and so on is not the case, there are too many brands on the Internet is based on public opinion and soft news, rather than naked advertising investment.


marketing is not the company’s patent, even the grassroots webmaster, also have the use of soft marketing done fast. Just because there is no influence and lack of necessary skills, the relative cost is higher. On the one hand, the portal is no secret to pay time, on the other hand, there is no lack of such a vertical network A5 webmaster site, you can contribute to the appropriate free. I also noticed that the marketing also obtained the development update form, such as A5 marketing platform (website: is aligned thousands of different types of websites, providing high-quality marketing services for small and medium sized companies and grassroots webmaster. Unlike large companies, small companies release more soft is not based on the promotion of brand influence, and the main purpose of building links. But in any case, the low cost of marketing and the effect of soft Wen is a recognized fact.


is a link and soft concerns: whether he

regardless of brand size, soft Wen are. But we must also be clear to see that many companies do not make use of the soft start camp >

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