0 costs can also make good marketing Of course!!!

all marketing tactics marketing tactics are supported by the classic theory. Do you understand the marketing theory, see three simple questions: who am I? I serve? What services I provide for him? Not all complex can see things, not simply cannot solve all problems.

Before this course

1, in the marketing, the first two dishes before eating snacks

A, who am I? Draw a circle, set a bit

as a start-up company, first of all to do what they want to clear. No matter what the marketing goal is to find the target user? I am doing education occupation skills of the Internet, so OK is not to teach you to cook, you do the Internet is our target user, so as to draw a circle, a range of. Then it can be subdivided into many job categories, different job levels. Through such horizontal and vertical segmentation, we have to face it, we are twenty to thirty years old who need professional skills. This process is bidirectional because of my positioning I’m going to identify my target user as my target user to fix my positioning.


B, how much money? Carefully cast ads!

The simplest difference between

startups and some big companies is that they don’t have the money…… You do not have the number of bullets, not many resources, investment and advertising, can not afford to vote! How to say, now the first company with more and more, but the resources are limited, so, resources are also more expensive. Second is that you hit the ad to smash things, there must be a sound. Throw a pebble water pond, a splash on not going down, the money thrown away. The third is to have a relationship with your company stage – your product is not mature enough, you are not so perfect for the user’s overall service, all aspects of the system has not been completed.

this time to vote on a wave of advertising, may cause several results: one is that customers simply ignore you, who are you; another one is you prematurely exposed to their own company thing, let people pay attention to you, there will be a lot better than you or you are competing with, you will go to copy. Study on you; three, the impact of their cash flow. Have lived like this can also – of course, a lot of companies are sure to do so, but these costs down the company, after heavy It is often seen., light marketing products.


2, dinner came: no money marketing, is not necessarily a good marketing

since today to talk about entrepreneurial companies, we are talking about things that do not spend money. Own service and user retention you have to do. Because your company is still small. Do not always want to expand the user base, you have to think about how you currently have one or two users to retain. Because you are the basic seed users to call early. With his old club, old

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