About 8 yuan CN domain name registration matters

      8 cn  2.12, ename was first renamed Chinese first launched, was required to pay 1000 yuan agency fees. This station, taking into account the 1000 charges, if every webmaster to register, have to pay 1000 of the cost, it is a pity, do not need, many webmaster only registered 1-2 domain name, so the special application at the ename account, call to the thousands of pre payment. For the webmaster network user registration. Registered post is
  after a week of effort, when the lunar new year period, the station staff working overtime to all registered (hard ah!). 2.19 ename cancel the 1000 limit. This site will no longer be registered, because we can register directly in the ename.
            but by February 25th, is expected to be ready to deliver the CN domain name of the webmaster, rumors CNNIC to reduce the price to 5 yuan.
enme domain name will also be opened to March 5th. For a time, all kinds of suspicions are, but this is not Chinese station that ename "to deceive the people of a few dollars, but various commercial conflicts of interest, they have.
    by March 6th, and rumors that cnnic. will be reduced to 1 yuan CN domain name.
  you don’t have to be registered 8 yuan, or registered 5 fastest or registered 1 blocks, and upset, think, if registered 50, 60, we have made a very contented, (we are trying to help you fight for a lower price).
          what is the future price. What are the reasons behind this CNNIC price change? We wait and see.

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