Electricity supplier physical stores competition black smoke on Friday

Tencent Tom November 30th compiled

for a long time, every year, "black Friday" (Black Friday) has been one of the most important day in the U.S. retail industry, this year’s "black Friday" is no exception. Just this time, the United States, many physical retailers in order to respond to these online providers such as Amazon and take a series of unusual promotional measures. Among them, they use a measure is the most important in both physical stores and online stores in big discount card, which prompted many consumers to store empty their pockets.

famous Messi department store chain stores in this year, Thanksgiving is a precedent to open, WAL-MART, Taghit and other retail giants even from the start on Thursday started their Thanksgiving promotions, these retail giants hope to borrow this holiday opportunity and online business competition valuable consumer shopping time, because the latter "the store never called Business Hours said.

is worth mentioning is that the retail giant best buy taken until consumers into the stores after the announcement of promotions promotional measures, they hope to move better with dominated by Amazon electricity supplier market to start a fight.

in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, Taghit is mainly responsible for the website and mobile business – Jason Goldberg (Jason Goldberger) and the team behind him appeared in the Minneapolis Taghit building 20 floor, their job is to ensure that the tower’s most important sales channels well prepared to meet the consumers. According to the Washington based National Retail Federation (National Retail Federation) released data show that in the last year, "black Friday" in 4 days, online shopping accounted for 59 billion of the retail industry sales of $40%, compared to 23% in 2006 ushered in a sharp promotion. On the other hand, due to the slowdown in consumer spending in the United States, retail store sales data performance is not satisfactory.

It is reported that

, Paul on Thanksgiving Day at 2 a.m. early to come to his office. His team with two points in a conference room, one responsible for the website technology, another team responsible for the comparison of Taghit and the Amazon, WAL-MART offers the gap between these sites. In the display hanging screen, Goldberger found from 2-3 am, many consumers are constantly refresh the page looking for concrete preferential measures in Taghit issued the "black Friday". At the same time, another screen scrolling shows the number of orders per hour.

Goldberg said that after the introduction of specific preferential policies, the company’s orders grew almost two times last year.

there is no doubt that this encouraging result has also brought great comfort to the retail industry. Industry research institutions Re>

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