After the implementation of the new tax regime which posture Amoy cheaper



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cross-border purchase and purchase of

today, cross-border electricity supplier to bid farewell to the era of tax exemption, instead of the collection of cross-border electricity supplier tax". News triggered a local sea Amoy concern, cross-border electricity supplier to implement the new tax system, the local cross-border electricity supplier goods will raise prices, what things are more expensive or cheap?

at present, local shopping Master buy imported goods mainly has 3 ways: one is please people overseas purchasing; two is through cross-border online orders; third is the direct purchase of duty paid goods. Overseas purchasing mainly involves the parcel tax, and cross-border electricity suppliers in the new tax system under the related value-added tax and consumption tax, duty paid goods belong to the general trade form, mainly related to customs duties, value-added tax and consumption tax. So in these three common channels of imports of imported goods, Foshan sea Amoy family in which way the sea Amoy will be more money to save it?

after the implementation of the new tax system

commodity more expensive expensive goods more cheap

heard about shuigai part of cross-border electricity commodity prices will rise after the news, who lives near the Qiandeng lake new mom Liu use holiday plus buy diapers and milk powder. The child was 6 months old, but diapers, diapers are small to large store some." Liu Xiaojie said, milk powder to eat 2 cans a month, so also bought a pot of 4. Reporters calculated that a certain brand of diapers, for example, the store pre tax 130 yuan, according to the previous standards, required to pay 10% of post tax 13 yuan, 50 yuan in accordance with the exemption policy, consumers actually pay 0 yuan. And start a new tax, consumers will have to pay 130× for the same diapers; comprehensive tax 11.9%=14.47 yuan.

is also favored by the United States and the United States there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of shampoo, facial cleanser and other beauty products. Always prefer the sea Amoy 90 Aqing also online orders 2000 yuan of nursing supplies. A small clearing account: if after the tax reform in accordance with the standard, 99 yuan to buy toner, you’ll have to pay 99× comprehensive tax 11.9%=32.57 yuan, can be exempted from the previously. "High 1/3, and Cleansing Cream, these shampoo retention is also useful, so the first store." Aqing said.

to maternal and child products, for example, the previous 500 yuan may be exempt from tax; 500~1000 levy tax of $10%, that should pay 50~100 yuan of taxes and fees; and the unit price of more than 1000 yuan can not buy. According to the new tax system, even if the consumption of less than 500 yuan, to levy 17%× 70% tax, 11.9% tax; consumption 500~1000 yuan, also need to pay 11.9% tax, more than the previous tax payment of about 1.9%, about more than pay 9.5~19 yuan. And after the new deal, if

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