Baidu has a show is doomed to the fate of failure

is now ranked in the domestic Baidu search engine first chair as Queen Zhu Yuanzhang started to do that. As the Internet technology Chinese flow will be regarded as hopeless. boss, Google the world Internet technology flow boss press, also began self expansion, Brother Lee could bear loneliness, he began to accept the.

he took aim at the start of C2C, see Taobao’s very influential, see every day to flow through the huge flow of Taobao Baidu, Baidu how to do awake live for others will do. Finally, Baidu has ah on stage, can not say yes before the launch is wishful thinking, there are a lot of theoretical statistics. The biggest personal analysis may have the following:

, I have the resources ah, look at me that day hundreds of millions of people use Baidu to build a C2C, I don’t do not say, the light from my search engine that can guide the past numerous potential shopping groups.

two, Ma Yun students have spent huge amounts of money in three years free Taobao, has been thinking about how to make profit, Baidu said, I also not bad money, I also free for three years, you can follow Ma Yun students to free three years, you are hero.

three, I did not have to say that your Taobao gadgets, it seems to me that it really is a pediatrician, I want to do it do not know how many times it is stronger than you.


he didn’t realize his success with Taobao search field in the success of C2C is the same as the drop, Baidu chose at the wrong time in the wrong way to enter the C2C of the Red Sea, the final result is the same as with Chinese Google drops. In fact, after the launch of Baidu has had a lesson, that is the influence of hundreds of millions of people in the communication way of Tencent launched pat, but Baidu is very focused, look for what is to be done, so there is now "achievement". ,

we had no money to discuss professional data like iResearch that, simply look at the two C2C platform gap. We can look at the Taobao home page and ah of the recommended home page advertising, seemed to be some Korean clothing, and then look at the views into their recent trading volume and trading volume, a comparison with their star shops and similar goods for a period of time, you can see the obvious gap between them, may let you terrified.

personally think that in a few years if there wasn’t some irresistible natural disasters people WA, will always maintain the status quo. If there is little accident it may be "small Taobao exit", but "little Taobao" are not independent entrepreneurial companies, are behind the tree, still can take a few years cold.

As for the reason the

brother Li lose the first battle personally feel that may have the following:

is the first and most important point, as Zhou Libo said "we imitate Premier Zhou came late". If there is a forerunner of C2C, it is estimated that now is another world.

second point conservative, destined for the network >

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