How to open shop in Taobao detailed steps

money is so capricious, investment 300 yuan to earn tens of thousands of

heard a lot of stories that make money now not a lot of things. Is it true, or not? The answer is, of course, the latter.

two months ago, I met a lot of opportunities to make money. Such a good chance, how could I give up. So he invested 300 yuan, then the second day month, I am on the net profit of 10 thousand yuan. It is QQ cool double Taobao guest. Directly say the term, we may not understand, in fact, this is Taobao. But it is very different from the traditional Taobao.

in the traditional sense of Taobao customers to make money is slow, the number of money is also very small. Every month in micro-blog, web forums and even groups of hair links, it is impossible to earn 1 thousand yuan, which is the old Taobao passenger shortcomings. QQ cool double Taobao guest is different, in contrast, it is the biggest advantage is to make money fast, a large number of funds, less investment. Take me, my income is QQ cool dual Taobao minimum version, 300 is the initial fee, then they gave me a large shopping website, which is Taobao customer rebate goods. Mall although large, but I do not have to manage their own, the mall will automatically manage. My main task is to promote links and do their agents. So, two months down I netted 10 thousand yuan. I was kind of stupid; some people are very smart business mind, a month can be netted million yuan.

said that at present, you probably do not quite understand the QQ cool double Taobao guest connotation. QQ cool pair of Taobao customers for more than a job to earn money on the basis of the project, on the basis of the traditional Taobao guest, do a little expansion. Just join the QQ cool double Taobao customers, the company will give a website rebate mall, are the products of high rebate mall, but also those who often do promotional activities of goods. At the same time, the company will also give top-level domain name. Mall optimization, name, logo and so on, we can manage their franchisees. Other matters, such as the purchase of goods, shipping and logistics are processed by the stores themselves. Our main task is to promote commodity links within the mall. As the goods are promotional products, low prices, high quality, so it is easy to spread out.

has its own mall, we joined the business is the most concerned about the size of the profit. The reason why the QQ cool dual Taobao guest is a lucrative project, because of its high rebate. Rebate points between 2%-50%. Take 50% of the rebate point! If the commodity price is 10 yuan, half of my income mall price, the seller and the buyer in the inside and then taken half. This is the QQ cool double Taobao guest in the double entry. Of course, we also can buy things from it, so the rebate money is one, the family can also save a lot of money.

In addition to this,

, we can also do QQ cool double Taobao agent, is to sell the site to the people around. It has different prices

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