Yao Jingang have to say that the social E commerce

social commerce is a new mode of e-commerce, simply means that the SNS and electronic commerce are combined. This kind of goods based on content users to share, to guide users to buy or make the field of consumer behavior, electronic commerce becomes more human taste. In a sense, buy and O2O model can also be regarded as a manifestation of social e-commerce.

is the first batch of domestic social commerce website has a large number of dead, such as shells (new shells has been on the line), such as ants, social commerce platform and survive in the early to Douban and dianping.com as the representative of the development, has now begun to take shape, has affected a large number of users purchase behavior.


social commerce platform successfully with e-commerce industry chain and the user known degree, in the electronic commerce in early stage, the user and the related industrial chain is still in the initial stage, the corresponding innovation mode is difficult to play its value.

it goes without saying that with the success of public comment and watercress, such platforms will inevitably emerge in various vertical industries. The second batch of social commerce website outbreak in 2011, sharing platform with mogujie.com, said the beautiful cat, transit network, knowledge network, open the petals as the representative of the shopping. An interesting phenomenon is that many of these platforms are related to female users, and most of the commodity topics and fashion, beauty, home related. From the user’s point of view, it can be said that China’s female net name to activate the social business platform.

social e-commerce classification

in accordance with the specific form of the show, and now the social e-commerce platform can be divided into the following four modes

type 1 is a common interest in social business model based on the model with mogujie.com, said on behalf of the beautiful, the features of this model to solve the user of the commodity shopping needs, at the same time, the profit model is very direct, strong profitability.


type is second pictures with the form of interest, with petals as the representative, on behalf of this mode in foreign countries is Pinterest, namely Pin (PIN) +Interest (interest), users can put their interest in things with pins in the nail plate (PinBoard). This model is characterized by simple, interactive, strong visual impact, easy to quickly gather a large number of users, but there are a large number of users need to support the scale of profitability.

third types of media shopping guide in the form of a walk as a representative, is characterized by a strong media properties, such as a fashion magazine, allowing users to read it fully feel the charm of goods. This model is often difficult to gather a large number of users, poor interaction.

fourth types of online shopping online shopping is the form of the current in the field >

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