Experience summary on the promotion of personal website promotion methods

The promotion of

on the site, there are thousands of thousands of people, if the combination of all these methods, will not be a promotion webmaster encyclopedia? According to the summary of experience, N is following method to promote personal website promotion, may be able to help individual stationmaster. Promotion methods can be broadly divided into two categories: free promotion methods and money promotion methods.

free promotion method is always the most concerned about the way

First of all, we have to understand that

: not necessarily a bad effect, important to see how to apply the practice. Basically free promotion methods include the following aspects: search engine landing, SEO, links, forum marketing, blog marketing, instant messaging tools marketing.

search engine to the site will be more and more traffic, so a website promotion, search engine is essential. Baidu, Google, YAHOO and so on should be a missed landing, so you can have a steady flow of the station, after all, the search engine is so far the biggest source of traffic.

landing search engine and the major engines included, it is necessary to consider the issue of SEO, that is, the site’s ranking problem. SEO do not spend money can do? Of course, the key is to have a personal webmaster technical basis, even if the source code will not change, then it is best to spend money to do. In addition to technology, then study, study the major search engines like, such as your pursuit of a girl, the most important thing is to know the girls love to eat what love, what kind of movies, hate what place…… Wait。 To apply this principle to SEO, is that you have to according to their relevant laws, optimize their website, do some detailed strategies: such as Title Design, label design, content layout design, etc..

friendship connection can bring a stable flow of the site, and is conducive to the site in the search engine rankings. Talk about the best connection to connect some of the flow of higher than their own, there are well-known sites. Once again and their own content complementary website. And then similar sites, similar sites to ensure the quality of their web site to have characteristics, and can be attractive, or else not even similar sites.

BBS marketing many webmaster are in use, but can insist on is not much, because the BBS marketing is more complicated, not once and for all, only continue to cultivate. Although the forum marketing is hard, but the effect is very good. Of course, forum marketing operation also has certain methods to choose their potential customers in the forum, or popularity is good forum; do not send advertising directly, this post is very easy to be as a poster to be deleted; good avatar, signature, signature can be added to their own site introduction and the connection post requirement quality first; I don’t care, how much the number of posts, the number of hair of the place, and the quality of posts are particularly important; appropriate support to the forum, sometimes in order to post the atmosphere and popularity, you can also find a proper, can also be registered two account play >

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