nternet marketing and field research

was the author once when a traditional marketing master Dr. Long Hanlin’s work, repeatedly taught by him is to do marketing plan, must not be confined in their own little piece of heaven and earth, look on the data only, and think that this is the market…… The market is only so big…… Not because the market is not popular……


lonpos is the best things to take the initiative, when he came from Haikou to Guangzhou, there is no relationship, but he printed dozens of boxes simply rely on their own name card, continue to run the market, run a variety of business, academic forum and continue to distribute their name card, finally in a few months, gradually have some resources.

later, lonpos seize an opportunity to Dongshan District of Guangzhou city government had submitted a plan to the real estate, a commercial building Huanghuagang region planning for high-tech building — he proposed to the real estate package with a high-tech concept, and suggests that the government must give preferential policy special to attract those high-tech industries in the year is not selling commercial real estate has become the leading Huanghuagang Science Park, which is currently till KTV (District Zhuang Dian) of the building.

lonpos in 99 years is how to through field visits, and then clear the way proposal writing these details I have remember not too clear, after all, was not working for him, was also not very detailed consultation, but the author and his fighting together when the training market, to experience the Dragon Dr. everything is proactive working attitude.

field survey

what is the fieldwork? In fact, another way of saying this is the on-the-spot investigation, but to investigating real is to further examine the scene for a long time, and to master the local language, culture, social environment and so on, then after a comprehensive analysis, it is concluded that a set of conclusions, but took a long time. The survey methods improved, can be in a relatively short period of time through the analysis of data, draw a fairly accurate results, but in any case to optimize and improve, always need to investigate the person deep into the market investigation, it is fundamental that will never change the reality of


how can we find the rise and fall of the industry, how can we experience the changes in the market? These are the things that are hard to feel completely in the office. I will take their own skin care products before doing a small channel to explain the case:

1, products unsalable in investigating the cause of


was the author and partner to determine pressure some more market potential of the goods, to the inventory digestion in 2 and 3 months, and then use the money to turn into the hot sales season. Who knows, the imagination is perfect, the fact that the goods were found in the first batch of beautiful appearance, the effect of good skin care products actually no one to consult, so I quickly change strategy, the use of joint sales

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