Reid Hoffman Star Wars inspired entrepreneurial companies how to use force

Abstract: in a highly informational world, there is a path from a start-up company to a super successful enterprise, that is, the expansion of lightning. There is another way to learn about the expansion of lightning, which is to draw inspiration from the long river of time, such as the distant star from a long, long time ago.


in a highly information world, from a start-up company to become a super successful enterprise has a path – that is, lightning expansion. Rapid, continuous growth can make you become the size of the number one player, creating a competitive advantage no one can compete with. It allows Google, Facebook from the garage started the company, only ten years to develop into a world-class leading enterprises.

we can usually through the analysis of the successful case study of lightning expansion experience, this is I and my colleagues have done, I shared the "CS183C: lightning technology to boost expansion in Standford".

in addition to the understanding of lightning expansion there is another way – that is, from the time of the course of inspiration, such as from a long time ago the distant stars – Yoda at the age of 900 (Master Yoda), the mysterious "force" can give us a sense of new. LinkedIn founder Reed · Hoffman will share with you 5 get from "Star Wars" in Yoda inspired, but also to the New Star Wars Series "Star Wars" salute the awakening force 7.

1, "you underestimate my head? You’d better not! And I but ‘force’ Alliance and together."

lightning expansion is a powerful tool for small and broad, it enables small companies to use the strategy to win, beat those larger competitors. Initially, Facebook seems to be a threat to its rival, Myspace, because it is a social network focused on several college campuses. But it is the initial focus that Facebook become people want products really "touching" connected to each other and share life all the time, not just want to know that their most love band news. When its competitors are aware of all this, Facebook’s rapid expansion has allowed it to catch up on the composite curve.

2, get rid of what you know

most of the company is to increase, but only a few are in order to continue the rapid growth of students, as the Google Eric Schmidt said in the Standford class: "double the growth is easy, but the annual growth of four times is very difficult.". When a company expands, the experience and rules of managing dozens of employees in an office can’t keep up with the pace of expansion to manage hundreds of offices

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