Website production website optimization network marketing and website maintenance to organic combi

network marketing is gradually for the majority of enterprises to cognition, but how to network marketing will play to the best place, let it play a huge potential value, there are many enterprises at a loss, even wasting in the blind world capital network. The author focuses on several aspects of network marketing from the need to pay attention to several links – website production, website optimization, network marketing and website maintenance:

first, the combination of Web site production and marketing

in the website before, we must have a website and network marketing for the organic integration of ideas or thoughts. You know, only the site, do not post marketing promotion, again good site will not play its due effect and value, so in the early stage must be as much as possible to understand network marketing, learn how to make your own website to play a greater value; otherwise, the money spent is white.

two, website production and site optimization

site optimization the ultimate aim is to make the website more accord with search engine search rules, so that the natural ranking of your site more test. This requires the production site, the site’s internal structure, site architecture and more content to optimize the deletion, in order to achieve our ultimate goal, such efficiency will be higher. On the contrary, if the site is good, then do optimization, both a waste of time and waste of limited funds, will certainly affect the effect of the site to varying degrees.

three, website production and website maintenance combined

in most of my clients, I find they have a common website update speed is very slow, even a year for two years, the site is still the same; the content of the website is not rich enough, not very attractive to the customer or the customer value, resulting in return rate is not high; do not look at their own background message; do not know how to manage their own website, do not know who to go advisory, and sometimes blindly on the network advertisement, but little thin. The existence of these problems, the key lies in the lack of site maintenance awareness or simply will not manage, no one to manage, this will lead to the loss of customer resources to varying degrees.

therefore, we have to link up several links, in order to do, Limited advertising, play the greatest value!!

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