How to make interactive manuscript experience better

The chance to see the boss in

last week, help the other team resume screening, see a classmate of simple interactive interface information release, only the typesetting and page jump process, a lot of interaction should release the default content. Later, think of how to interact with colleagues before and after the interaction of the manuscript in the end how the problem, you can think about a little summary of some of the issues related to the draft.

actually, it is very easy to want to do a "look" more professional interaction. Just need to get a more professional interaction, to learn and imitate it. That’s the way I used to start work. I once knew a student who would like to learn interactive design, because I didn’t have too much contact with each other, and I chose this way.

however, "look" interactive release more professional only appearance, in fact, interactive release is a basis for interaction design, and experience is the core of our attention, a lot of the time we are not willing to call themselves the wireframe, we talk about thinking and methods; however, interaction can bring excellent experience. Not only in the transfer of thinking and method, but also greatly save our communication time; improve our work efficiency; can also enhance our influence imperceptibly.

maybe, different teams have interaction to enhance their release design experience, constantly change and Optimization in our team of designers, gradually accumulated some experience to improve reading, hoping to learn from each other.

interactive manuscript experience summary

1 different complexity requirements should be different design

we will encounter different complexity in the work demand, therefore, we should also have a different interaction release show, for example, a very simple optimization, does not involve too much modification and analysis, completely do not need too much redundant content; and a vast and complex needs, we need to analyze and show complex. Therefore, we need to have a clear understanding of the complexity of the requirements before the design of the interactive draft, and then be able to clear the way to show the content of the design.

for example: Figure 1-1 to 1-3 in the interaction of the three requirements correspond to simple, moderate and complex needs. No need to update iteration too much simple foreseeable demand, with iterative optimization relatively clear, may not need too much role (probably not involved in visual and product) without complex information, too, can use the most simple information transmission to optimize and modify the experience for optimization; a slightly more complex, you need some of the necessary information, for example, may need to have demand background, flow chart and update records; and very complex or new product, may involve more content, as shown in Figure 1-3, will be mentioned in the note in the following. Therefore, the interactive version of the excellent experience is also based on different scenarios and situations, different needs of the corresponding changes, rather than static.


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