6 questions about the new marketing Q & A fear of risk is a common problem for large companies to d

recently met with a micro friends, he asked me a lot of confusion and problems of enterprise marketing and promotion, his problem is not the case, but many small and medium-sized enterprises have been made tangled and confused, I put it out for everyone to share. Here I am a virtual life A to replace him with my dialogue, I also try to summarize the key issues in the refined language.

A: we do not know what to do in the network platform to promote, see some people say that QQ promotion is also good, but do not know if there is no effect, how specific operation?

three: Shou network promotion of many channels, micro-blog, WeChat, Post Bar Dian Dian QQ forum, that can become the promotion channels, how to choose the enterprise? We need to consider at least 2 points: your user group gathered in the main channels through which you are, the most convenient access to him. Of course, you can identify them. Each channel is likely to be your most effective marketing channels, the key to see how to do. As to whether there is no effect to know, do not try never know. How to operate a proposal to recruit a basic promoter or outsource to a company.

A: we do not know how to do some of the channels of the staff do not know how much outsourcing to a company, how effective?

three: executive Shou cannot know all the channels to promote, but to focus on the promotion of the channel he must be ah, will not have their own school, not as the director gave him the way strategy? (many companies complain that employees do not understand, not willing to learn, this is indeed a problem, only is in charge of or guide him, or let him go). Outsourcing companies spend a lot of budget issues, according to the needs of enterprises to be determined, they will make a special program and offer, which will have an effect, but companies need to learn to identify the true ability of the company.

A: we do not understand the key to some of our own, can not guide the subordinates to do, swollen do? Outsourcing companies fly it?

three: if the supervisor Shou themselves do not understand, can not guide the subordinates that why should he can get out. Of course, there is a kind of charge will not go away, that they don’t understand what he can and subordinates to participate in training, learning, or invite some experts as consultants, and help their subordinates to improve. This can also. The company has a reliable and reliable, can search inside Baidu, or find someone to recommend, of course, they can identify the most important.

A: some training and experts are blind flicker, do not fly ah, I do not know how the level of them in the end, you see I have sold 3 copies of the book WeChat marketing.

three is the life: some training and expert is mere trash blind flicker, but we still have their own logical thinking, one can try, on the other hand, they can listen to how to guide, how to fall, how to look at the effect within a certain period of time, so you can control the enterprise investment and risk. Generally speaking, most of the brushes are not mixed, so

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