Make the website more competitive website culture construction


to make the site more competitive: website culture building

if you will be a little web programming, it is not difficult to build a website. However, a variety of buildings, why some of the ordinary, some of the century is indeed the people of Golden? Well, the building has its own style, which is the designer’s own cultural philosophy. Website construction should also be the case, as a webmaster, a web designer, in their own website, should also have their own characteristics and website culture.

, a clear line website: do their best at the

website publicity and keyword optimization, in order to let more people know your site, let people in the first time to find the keywords and search your website is the couplet. Therefore, webmaster in setting up keywords, to the most important content and cultural ideas in clear with these key words simple reflect website, simple said is to let the user know that your site is doing what. Good website design route, can make it easier for you to control your own website, do their best to grasp things adventure.has, so also a field site, something you do well, will have more similar users to accept your.

two, a clear site features: you have me also, you do not have my

a good site, to have their own unique characteristics, to be a cultural atmosphere, care about the user’s habits and concerns, so not afraid of a website is not popular. Construction site is a good choice for the development of the route, there is no feature is not their own, there is less in the building is more, simple and not simple. The construction site can also be used so that something is out of order will not be accepted by the public, so the website construction at the same time, do not focus, allowing users to get benefits in other sites on your website. If there are other sites, then you have to make the site more user-friendly, allowing users to have a more comfortable browsing experience. What is the characteristic, that is, you have me, you do not have me.

three, a clear site development strategy: to the new, not the old

era has always been the development of the same network. Thousands of new sites on the Internet every day, and constantly innovation. New content and new ideas abound, and if you stick to a development strategy, you lose 50%. You should not change the development strategy, completely subvert the original custom route planning, for example, your web contents have been the case, the user will be fatigued, this time is all you need to customize the new page style; if your user experience is always the same, others are better than you so, what you have to adapt to the environment is preferred the survival competitiveness?.

four, a clear user groups: do users like

popular, the most Internet users are what type >

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