Cited the promotion of soft text shop multiplier

has a lot of small shop in Taobao and pat friends, learned from their mouth, their basic store is buyers search for products from the station, or is classified according to check the product categories to find them, but also have access they see in Taobao forum and forum posts when they clap, some buyers guide. From the signature. (the vast majority are with them the same network) after all in the forum are the altar of global network is to have their own number. Asked to have nothing to do with others using the software promotion, they gave me back above ninety percent, with some mass software, here including some want want group or QQ group, but the use of a period of time they found themselves, usually released mass content, will make people think is advertising, and refused to watch. But some people into the store by IM To warn them. Finally lead to stop mass.

know these friends encounter embarrassing situation from above, through the mass marketing to forced buyers to see advertising, and sometimes some products do not meet the buyers need. In the forum is a long post, also attracted a companion to buy (the middle to spend a lot of time and efforts to irrigation or post) what is the way to make consumption. This situation makes the change initiative, let the store more professional, more brands. In fact it is not difficult to." soft " is one of the best advertising strategy, usually global time get out of the altar of irrigation and write some soft article submitted to " a large nest (, by " the electronic commerce information service platform for the most professional campaign, it is easy to be reproduced, reproduced more bring greater effect. Although our aim is to promote the operation of the shop’s products, but usually easy to accept. Not only do soft Wen promotion of products, but also to promote their own, write more, more easy to let everyone know you, beneficial for the future cooperation between the shop (selling products, etc.).


, personally think that online buyers, is not to a single channel, more is how to achieve the referenced text media promotion. This station " a large nest " in the future will guide you how to write the title, and the form of software. Let buyers consciously read the article, you and your knowledge of the products to get a deeper


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