On the website promotion strategy under the line written in Shandong 99 car line for 30 days

bubble A5 every day, read a lot of Web site promotion methods, from which to learn a lot of useful information, but also mastered a lot of search engines like the site. Although at present, the Shandong 99 car network in the critical period of Baidu’s ranking is not good, but in the other search engine’s performance is also good, the momentum of development of the site as a whole or people look forward to, which are attributed to Xiao Wu’s command well, thanks to more stationmaster net -A5 he recommend to me.


A5 for a long time, I found a problem, this method, on the promotion of website online skills and Strategies of many, if good at learning and mastery and the promotion of the site has obvious effect, but the relevant website offline promotion and the relatively small, we can not meet the need to. We do 99 car network is not only because of love, because the more business needs, we hope that through our efforts, the Shandong 99 car network into the Shandong province automobile industry brand, so that every dealer when doing the car advertisement, we can think of the 99 car network first, let every car the Internet people can choose the car up to 99 car network. Therefore, we fully focus on creating 99 car network brand in a station at the beginning of the next line and carry out promotion. Here, we will share with you a few ways to promote the site under the line, I hope you exhibitions.

first, through field visits to car dealers, car 4S shop promotion website. We collected a lot of information of Weihai local car 4S shop, to help them free membership registration in our website; then, to the car dealer for Baidu to the person in charge of the construction site search ranking, 99 car website backstage and membership management background and demo page. Because of the interaction of the website is stronger, the management function of member page is stronger, and the content of the demonstration is their own. In this way, the car dealer will feel 99 love is concerned about their business and information, and our membership service before the end of 2009 are free of charge, care, when they are on our service greatly, for our 99 love affection and attention can improve a lot. At the same time, this is also our next step to carry out the establishment of a good foundation for the operation of the site.

second, close to the organization actively, reasonably good occasion. In the beginning, I and Xiao Wu idea that is sure to agree without prior without previous consultation, trying to "climb" the Automobile Association high branch, the so-called good shade tree, once the successful occasion will bring extraordinary help to our site’s visibility and influence, to provide convenience for our next work. We fully analyze the interests of customers, and give full play to their advantage of network promotion, as well as 99 car network’s scale effect of Shandong automobile network, Weihai automotive network, Ji’nan automotive network, Yantai automotive network and our club website, to the association submitted a memorandum of cooperation, they are waiting for the next discussion a member of the day.

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