The vigorous development of the nternet grass root economy

"grass root" from Baidu Post Bar Li Yi D8, the original members of the emperor to hold the pen first in an original article put forward "grass root", was later used to satirize Li Yi World of Warcraft membership membership. But Li Yi’s online games not only did not contradict and gladly accepted the call, in a state of mind not to think it as shameful anti thought wing, called "grass root". Soon the word on the Internet rumors spread, and has very high visibility. With the popularization and development of network and network derived from the noun lot, in addition to grass root in addition to like cheating, Gao Fu handsome, white Formica, bamboo, ha ha, these words on the Internet will be very high visibility. While the meaning of grass root originally refers to those ugly dwarf dwarfish, poor fat and stupid, not what economic capacity, born poor, ugly men can not find a girlfriend. But with the popularity of the word is higher, but also the emergence of a group of female grass root, meaning actually with the male grass root close. ". Grass root contains two words of helplessness and self deprecating meaning, is a group of ordinary people to accept the harsh reality of the expression, but in the depths of their hearts and longing for a bright future.

and the Internet recently popular a kind of "grass root economy", the unofficial name also received a lot of professional recognition, and think the use of grass root to describe the image of this economic model is. According to a survey of some statistics show that the number of grass root has about 526 million more than those who open cars, wear designer, has a beautiful girlfriend high handsome rich, crowded subway or bus to work, eating instant noodles or roadside stalls, live a long age did not know the female friend what kind of grass root absolute absolute superiority in quantity. But these Internet companies are aware of this, even circulating a "grass root who in the world famous, visible grass root strength is so great. Although the grass root not what economic ability, their consumption ability and can afford to buy his girlfriend Gao Shuai as rich as high-end luxury up it is fighting capacity of less than 5 of the slag. But they have a huge number, although the individual’s spending power is very limited, but as long as the full strength of the combination can still be the number of tall and handsome explosion.

after seeing the grass root economic potential, many Internet companies have launched some suitable for grass root products, or choose a suitable grass root economy products business. Like Kingsoft Lei Jun millet founded mobile phone, as well as the 2013 O2O Internet marketing platform for the most successful grass root food — Huang Taiji, and Taobao into the financial sector strategy of Alipay products balance treasure. Are some products applicable to grass root economy, their common goal is to capture the heart of grass root, so as to realize the grass root economy mode, the number of small Many a little make a mickle.

mobile phone brand – millet grass root community

before the millet mobile phone was born, everyone knows that the intelligent mobile phone is king in the apple, perhaps each grass root had a dream in the station, restaurants, and other public places, when his mobile phone rings, you can from "

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