App marketing case analysis of how to place ads in APP

have you ever paid? In the free and paid applications between the two, you tend to choose which kind of? According to Flurry reports, the application store 90% are free, now more and more applications are free to use advertising subsidies, purchase of the application form for the user.

Flurry report that, due to the high cost of early development, many application developers can not achieve profitability, it must turn to the application of the purchase or advertising in the form of. We believe it is time to discuss the topic from the ‘application in whether there should be advertising’ to ‘how to apply in the advertising more interesting, and more closely linked to the consumers, advertisers and developers are most effective. ". Since advertising is not going to go, why not do it better? The following enterprise help through the analysis of three successful cases to tell you how to implant more effective advertising in app".

App implants for content implantation


‘s recent popular "crazy guess" is a good example of the success of content implants. The game into advertising brand marketing, Nike, such as the IKEA brand as a keyword, so as to achieve the effect of advertising, and does not affect the user to play the game fun, but also because the integration of the user interaction, better advertising effect. So the enterprise is best connected with their application users to advertisers, such advertising can create value to the user, will not cause the user antipathy, and click rate will be relatively high, so it can get higher income.

App implant props implanted


such as development for all restaurants this app game, the Yili Shu of milk as a prop into the game which allows consumers in the game at the same time have the unique demands of cognition and memory of Yili Shu of milk products, enhance brand or product awareness, establish a corporate brand image in the minds of consumers. At the same time, the audience group of app is more, so the direct prop implantation is helpful to improve the brand preference.

App implants in the background of the implant, reward advertising


in the grab spaces in the game, a glance, the most prominent is the MOTO mobile phone MOTO mobile phone advertising, advertising as a background icon of the parking space, give consumers virtually implanted MOTO brand image. The game also referred to the background with the MOTO mobile phone parking space, get 100 money a day, such reward advertising, driven by the background of the game players, these awards are certainly true, but this is indeed the company’s advertising.

enterprises in the high popularity, entertainment and strong APP reasonable advertising brand information, with the popularity of APP and traffic, according to its own brand positioning and product attributes >

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