Share how use Baidu Post Bar cited traffic

Baidu post bar from 2003 on-line, has been the flagship product of Baidu, has been established for nearly eleven years. Baidu Post Bar relates to the society, life, entertainment, health, education and other platforms, according to conservative estimates, Baidu Post Bar has more than 50 million active users, and these users are more professional people in the industry, is a fast gathering of common interests of Internet users. Is there such a big user group, Baidu Baidu Post Bar obviously give weight is very high, so as to break the Baidu SEO and Post Bar, a very good use of Baidu Post Bar were moderate and reasonable marketing, so we can get the flow rate and the weight is very high, here to share, I is how to use Baidu Post Bar drainage promotion.


I, my site I call the shots

as a promotion personnel, engaged in the Internet industry is must have a Baidu account, I believe many people should have more than one account number, the higher the better grades. We use a high level of account for Post Bar you, it is not so good for good when, at the beginning of that period of time, you often have to sign in, the best day to sign once and then send to Post Bar related themes, when your activity increased, the activity of Post Bar in the third stage, it is very easy to apply again by the. Have their own Post Bar, behind the work is well done, of course it belongs to oneself is not absolute, after all Post Bar or Baidu, have reviewed the related staff, the system also filtering a lot of content, if you want to do illegal, with political topics is best not to go do.

two, large trumpet together on the

when you Post Bar not popular, popular or good, it is easy to post sink, anyway, whether it is popular or not, the trumpet top stick is very necessary, because many post replies by Baidu spider attention, can have good ranking, second in the activity of popularity good Post Bar, or post to the top of the front or can bring some traffic.

three, use the signature to advertise

It is necessary to

often mixed Post Bar post students set signature. To those who are popular in the forum to grab the sofa, multi post, do not send advertising, and paste it related topics, as long as the theme, content is all right, even if you have an ad inside the signature, but also nothing. Followed by the need to emphasize the point, Post Bar signature image advertising don’t too obvious, logo site is not too much, otherwise the probability is not high, the new number is not set to sign Oh, need to register the time set Post Bar signature after 3 months to account.

four is a

post, post

believe that many sites should be installed with a social sharing tool, a key sharing function can not be wasted. When you do not have the weight of the site rankings, you can think of the right to use it again

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