The current network is not a lack of opportunities but the lack of fair mechanism


in the country, a mention of network marketing, we will think of Baidu at the first time. Indeed, Baidu search engine has accounted for more than 7 of the Chinese search market, it can be said that most of us engage in network operations rely on Baidu to eat. It even has its own search engine Taobao sellers is no exception, just rely on waiting for home buyers is difficult to maintain the operation of small sellers, in such circumstances, small sellers must use the active form of marketing operations, Taobao customer was born, then, Taobao promotion way off is the use of directly or indirectly to Baidu’s resources.

as a result of Baidu’s management system is more and more strict, its large and small portals have begun to strictly limit the variety of forms of advertising. If you want to get the privilege of brand promotion, you have to pay a large amount of advertising costs. For small sellers who pay huge amounts of advertising is not a way. Many of the previous very effective promotion methods have failed, also let a lot of people deeply appreciate the difficulty of the network.

but we are from the major advisory platform to understand the network related transactions are carried out every minute, every day the amount of the transaction is also an astronomical figure. This has produced such a conclusion, as long as the Internet is still running, the transaction will not be interrupted by the network involved. This also shows that the current network marketing industry downturn, but the lack of a fair mechanism for the maintenance of our transactions.

we carry out the promotion of the brand on the Internet, we all know that the high popularity of the place, so as to attract more potential customers. But why now a lot of methods used, but also can not get the conversion rate as before?. First of all, the transaction must meet the demand – supply – a fair trading mechanism, most of us encounter the bottleneck lies in the failure to establish a fair trading mechanism.

if the business can not set up a set of fair trading mechanism, it is difficult in today’s buyer’s market foothold. When we promote our brand, not only to tell potential consumers know that they buy what is the use of our brand, how much money to spend; you should also tell them, here we have what kind of consumer guarantee system, and we should also pay attention to the construction of this area, to establish a system of test stand in order to retain consumers. For example, in 2011, Baidu has ah mall with a total company in the user on the network as the basis, with high-profile Taobao mall grab the domestic network market share, but because Baidu did not establish effective date, even bargain mechanism, Baidu has ah just Taobao is still the industry giant flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

the above analysis results tell us, now we have encountered so many difficulties in the network business, it is a huge blank we need to fill, we should to operate the store thinking to develop network >

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