The success of Baidu originated from YAHOO’s domain name also stems from a failure to give up the do

      just look at a piece of " the results of the search engine user experience (Figure "); the article, the author says his friend told him to say: "I’m not because Baidu just give it money it who website in the front row." Although this word is slightly biased, but it also represents a lot of people think of Baidu.

      however, we turn around and think about, that is, in the user experience Baidu does not prevail, but why in China Google and Yahoo is not just Baidu? Let us analyze:

      the necessary condition for the user experience is: the user will first log on to your site.

      you go to the street to find someone, give them the three web site, let them in a minute to recite, and then let them write out, you know.

      I always think: the success of Baidu, and his 60% domain name easy to remember a great relationship. That was the Google user experience is good, Yahoo search results more accurate, it will inevitably occur the user login Baidu search, YAHOO (or Google), then enter the corresponding site of the joke.

      I still believe that the acquisition of Ali Yahoo (China), the biggest mistake is to give up the search ( promotion.

      Yahoo and Google will not change if a Pinyin domain name, then they want to be successful, but also Chinese N games and then do it. Of course, the host of the Olympic Games is not fixed in the provinces and municipalities, so they can in the Olympic flame, with the help of everyone to learn English Olympic glory, in the China search market share of.

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