Knowledge sharing economy and a about gun wanpiao gimmick

since the beginning of 2014, with the re allocation of demographic dividend and market resources, sharing of economic products in all walks of life "rampage" represented by Uber/Airbnb, and the knowledge and skills of the "sharing economy" has also begun to break down mechanism, qualification limit, showing the exuberant vitality. Time auction, on me, on the line, 8 points, after 1 miles… All kinds of application to seize this is beyond count, wildly beating gongs and drums in emerging markets, the industry is very lively. After the hustle and bustle, as a spectator or practitioners, and whether they need to calm down to see if this is really subversive, or the capital of the birth of the industrial bubble, or a wishful thinking of others. Just know almost imitation object Quora valuation reached $900 million in the subversion period, it is necessary to sort out the various possibilities of knowledge sharing economy.

Knowledge sharing economy under

"Pan knowledge" sharing

have to praise, is a massive human incremental market cannot limit the demand for knowledge, because of human evolution and replacement with access to information or answering questions. From the consumer (to receive information) to the sharing (dissemination of information) to create (to provide new information), people’s desire for knowledge and information always tireless. But the way we acquire knowledge and information is mostly inefficient. As industry insiders said, in general, there are two kinds of solutions to the problem encountered by the user, a free consultation, a charge of high training costs." (from "the world" on the network by my interview COO Guo Lei). Now the traditional training and consulting has been unable to "individualized" and "on-demand" the needs of knowledge economy.

1, high cost. Free access to the Internet needs to do a lot of information from the screening, the high cost of time. The cost of training is high financial costs. According to market research industry, a business person to acquire knowledge of the lowest cost per year to 5000 yuan, while training and consulting firm required venues such as the hardware cost and promotion, sales and marketing costs will be passed on to the student body, continue to push up the cost of.

2, low efficiency. The first is the high concentration of training courses and a large amount of information, the real absorption is less. The second one to many mode without pertinence, the so-called martial arts cheats is not able to cure, and each student problems need an antidote against the disease. Furthermore, even if one can do, but can not guarantee the consulting or training is to find the ideal teacher, the United States Quora’s original intention is to let a lot of people who would like to interview, but the interview to Internet Co CEO and core team members can realize the point-to-point communication with ordinary users.

so, based on Internet technology and big data, cognitive surplus to fully realize the information industry experts to share the experience of knowledge sharing economic model has the growth of the soil. In the age of PC Twitter, Wikipedia, Baidu encyclopedia, translation of words is by means of this using the UCG model to realize people’s cognitive surplus platform user accumulation. And now T>

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