Webmaster version of Maxthon browser was released

      "webmaster" version of Maxthon browser is a powerful multi page browser. In addition to the convenience of browsing, also provides a lot of useful websites for the webmaster. The webmaster can easily enter the industry through this website the browser. The browser is updated once every one to three months, each time you update the site, mainly from the contribution of "statistical webmaster cruise" web site to number.

        master version of Maxthon browser available will greatly facilitate the webmaster’s work, learning and information. Is a great blessing to the webmaster, the webmaster can directly in the browser directly into their own needs of the site, without having to re search and type the URL into the relevant website.

      the browser for non profitable products Maxthon company, Chinese Internet association and jointly launched the net odd, odd for operators to promote business network, this does not accept any commercial advertising. If you want to advertise your site through this product, you can choose to pick this browser text on your site to download links, we will according to your way, to help you promote your site.
      at the same time this browser, launched the official website of the official website for the operation of the platform to promote the browser.

"webmaster version" roaming browser download address: http://s.www.xunhang.com/aoyou.php

official website: http://s.www.xunhang.com

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