WeChat electric Tencent which is to reform again Taobao C shop

June 27th, the teacher broke the big V Gong Wenxiang electricity supplier in micro-blog said WeChat is planning a C2C project, everyone can use the WeChat shop, if the news is true, this will be WeChat launched WeChat " shop; in another big move business. Ali yesterday just to confirm their NYSE BABA, culture China turned into Ali pictures, the Tencent released the wind do WeChat and C2C shares 58 city, apparently put to break up. It can be expected, with the pace of the listing of Ali approaching day by day, BT two giants will release more heavy news sniper Ali shares.


WeChat C2C real intention

if WeChat shop for the business is registered with the enterprise, is the bottom of the copy of Tmall, then the WeChat C2C is completely copied Taobao C shop at the end of the. More than 400 million monthly active users, even if only 5% of the users to open the WeChat C shop, there are 20 million of the number of sellers, far higher than the number of 8 million sellers Ali, WeChat has opened up the payment link, once the electricity supplier WeChat system closed loop is completed, users develop WeChat payment habits in the mobile terminal, the subversion of the will is the core of Ali pay business, this is Ma who fear. Just yesterday, WeChat open platform update WeChat login function, other mobile applications and web applications through the access function allows users to directly use WeChat account login to achieve cross platform, unified account, its ambition is to promote WeChat to pay.

from the Spring Festival this year, WeChat red hot, Tencent seem to have found Ali the weakness in the mobile terminal, the permeability is that Alipay in the mobile terminal is not that high, the user’s mobile payment habits have not yet developed, mobile payment scenarios are still limited in shopping. The Tencent side, WeChat huge social flow bonus, the use of a wide range of circumstances, in order to provide the possibility of Tencent in the field of payment overtaking overtaking. Therefore, the Tencent chose to pay as the main direction in the mobile terminal, through a variety of business campaign, to attract users attention, increase the frequency of use of WeChat payment. An arch, one or two years down the entire mobile payment market is unknown the winner.

WeChat C2C fly it?

finish WeChat’s real intention, let us go back to the WeChat C2C project. WeChat C2C really fly it? Let veterans to analyze.

WeChat to do electricity supplier, need to solve the three major problems are: resources, traffic, trust. Behind this, the actual test of a team’s operational level.

first said resources, which includes the number of active businesses, commodity abundance, product quality, business services, third party tools, etc.. Each assessment is a team operating level. More than ten years to build Ali roots business empire resources in the field of electricity providers, more than 1 billion of the number of goods, merchandise quality control, innumerable third party supplier service enterprises, no electricity.

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