Ministry of education to strengthen the management of mobile terminals from November a variety of a

JINGWAH times (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone users in the application of the complaint is also more and more. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of industry, the Ministry will implement the new release from November on the strengthening of mobile intelligent terminal management notice, a variety of applications are prohibited into the intelligent terminal preset.

the "notice" requirements, production enterprises shall not be pre application software has the following properties: a mobile intelligent terminal is not to express the user and consent of the user, the unauthorized collection, modify the user’s personal information; the two is not to express the user and the user’s consent, unauthorized use of terminal communication function, resulting in traffic consumption, costs, information leaks and other adverse consequences; three is to influence the normal function of mobile intelligent terminal or communications network safe operation; four is to contain "People’s Republic of China Telecom regulations" prohibit the publication and dissemination of information; five is the user’s personal information and other security violations and harm the legitimate rights and interests of network and information security.

In addition, the notice also provides that the production enterprise to apply for mobile intelligent terminal into the network license, should provide the operating system version of the application materials, the basic configuration information application software

. MIIT said, notice will be formally implemented in November 1, 2013.

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