September China CN domain name registration data analysis growth of 90 thousand QoQ in August

renamed China ( October 15th hearing, according to the latest data released by CNNIC, as of September 2014,.CN domain name registration, a total of 10999611, compared to the previous August, growth of 92956.


: CN domain name statistics table

through the CN domain name statistics, there is no doubt that the registration of.Cn is still up to 8745453, accounting for more than 79.5%. Followed by, the registered amount of 1191195, accounting for more than 10.8%. The amount of third domain name is registered, amount to 766732, accounting for 7% of the total. The remaining CN domain names are less than 2%.

figure: CN domain name growth trend chart

According to the 2014

domain growth trends, CN domain name registrations this year’s growth gradually in March, but fell slightly in May, June began to rise, until September, the registered amount reached the highest value, but the growth of 138343 compared to the amount of the previous August, declined.

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