The network is popular with the non Broadcast claiming to be very few live porn

[Abstract] in the premise of the high cost of broadband investment, together with the realization of limited channels and content is not enough innovation, even if the direct broadcast industry profits can not escape the question quickly hit the ceiling.


network economy channel as one of the red hot, red net fame, the network broadcast platform also ushered in a new round of pursuit. Recently, the fish was designed to do investment Tencent, pepper, mobile, easy to live off Ying also won the capital appreciation. After the arrival of the air industry, anchor and broadcast platform to the industry but because of various reasons and questioned.

entertainment demand hot market

repeated every day life is too boring, really nothing new things to do, Xiao Zhao is an ordinary office workers in Beijing, watching the webcast has been a few years time. He believes that the time is right to look at other people’s live life, just chat with anchor is a kind of entertainment.

in addition, there are some people have other mentality. In the University of Chen students is to watch their own network of red idol every day to keep waiting on the live platform. Commuters Shanshan are love broadcast application with a mobile terminal, watch some wonderful live, she said, some anchors do, say very distasteful, this time she will play the role of "ridicule and Tucao, anyway, the anchor is in order to attract attention, of course, is also a part of condemning".

echoes the mentality of the audience is that many anchors are also holding a hobby and entertainment began to touch the purpose of live.

popular "married" brother, sister cloud anchor soil from 2013 started live on YY, mainly to sing, also pull some homely. Soil brother Beijing daily in an interview with reporters said, two people in the YY soon, busy working up for a period of time, later work took interest in picking up, not long before he started full-time.

beauty anchor Chen Yulin from Taiwan, mainly to do beauty, "to live in July last year, due to have on the beauty maintenance is very interested, so try holding the mentality, first from the video shoot began, three or four per month, with a direct promotion platform began to live". Chen Yulin’s own work is the beauty of the division, with the number of videos and the number of live demand becomes larger, she is also considering efforts to the development of the network red or artists.

however, micro’s fruit is recently seen a lot of enterprises to participate in publicity to anchor camp, "every day to see someone in my circle of friends" you ugly you sleep, my beauty I live ‘, friends think I can do funny live, so from the beginning of last month to play son up".

to see a live broadcast of strangers has become a kind of entertainment needs, while the network is also a lot of red idol to participate in reverse, the mobile network is the development of the fast track to the live market. No matter what kind of purpose, the attractiveness of the broadcast platform for the user from its universal entertainment, the original intention is fun, which is the gradual improvement of the material life of the market

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