20 net loan platform to cash difficulties of super high yield platform into the hardest hit

since October, there have been 20 net loan platform funds chain problems, cash withdrawal difficulties. This is the first time since the birth of the net loan outbreak of such a large number of single issue platform. Net loan platform outbreak began last gold loan event, and last year only a few home platform problems. Some senior investors have turned some of the funds into the early establishment of a certain reputation, lower interest net loan platform.

October 20 net loan platform withdrawals difficult

October is an eventful year for the net loan platform, more than the frequent outbreak of cash difficulties is the net loan industry young history hitherto unknown before, is the day of October 30th in a credit network, Ping Hai loans and Zhejiang loan 3 platform to cash difficulties issued notice.

according to the first financial daily "financial" statistics, this year, there have been 34 net loan platform for run away, burst funding strand breaks, late withdrawals and other problems. According to the net loan home statistics, there are currently about 500 net loan platform, a rough estimate, this year, the outbreak of the problem platform accounted for nearly 7% of the platform stock. In October alone, there are 20 problems on the platform, accounting for nearly 4% of the stock platform.

The new

platform the popularity of instability, the brand has not been established, the business is relatively unstable, they are platform high, many platforms are established after a month or so happened the amount of money shortage problem.

from this sort of data, the new platform is the hardest hit by the platform. There are 8 platforms are on the line within a month of risk, accounting for the largest. The risk of two months on the line of the platform for the 5, and after the occurrence of the risk of the platform for each of the three months and four months, there are 6 companies on the line for the risk of the occurrence of 5 months.


line more than half of the operating platform seems more stable, at present, only 2 platform after 9 months on the line, the risk event, only 1 platform after 10 months on the line, the risk of an event.

and some regional platform is also the problem of high incidence, which may be due to the regional net loan itself is more concentrated areas, such as Guangdong, Shenzhen is a net loan platform is relatively concentrated, and the absolute number of its platform is also more.

According to the statistics of

, registered in Hubei Province, platform 7 risk, this is the year of the largest platform provinces; registered net loan platform in Zhejiang Province, there are 6 risks; and registered in Guangdong Province, platform 5 risk, registered in Anhui province platform 4 risk.

"now the weather has changed, the market has changed. Net loan industry is in the growth of the industry, with the integration of the industry platform for the disadvantaged is eliminated is almost inevitable, then such a concentration occurred in October, most investors really unexpected." Net loan home manager Xu Hongwei told reporters.

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